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Architects, designers and developers are working together to deliver an exclusive project that will meet the expectations of a demanding public.

The Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company represents the Cree communities in Quebec by making meaningful contributions to Cree development. It was incorporated in 1982 and is a holding company owned by the Cree Nation Government which acts through the Board of Compensation (BOC). CREECO is involved in many economic sectors, and its subsidiaries are committed to the following goals: profitability, longevity, stability, services for Cree communities, autonomy and self-sufficiency, leadership, transparency, employment for Cree people, and finally, Cree participation in the areas of administration and development.

Incorporated in 1995, Cogir Real Estate employs close to 5,000 people who are passionate about real estate. With our constant desire to give purpose to real estate, we strive to maintain a human focus, to create and to excel in our quest to design living environments that are pleasant, functional and a reflection of their occupants. Our team manages over 260 properties throughout Canada and the United States. We oversee 5 million square feet of commercial property and 32,000 housing units, including more than 70 privately owned seniors’ residences. The Cogir Foundation supports projects and causes involving four major domains, namely youth, seniors, cultural diversity and the environment.

We believe in design’s unique ability to create open and meaningful space to grow. We are a team of architects, designers, leaders, and change-makers creating planet friendly spaces for people and their communities. We strive to design spaces that improve the natural environment, create value for the businesses and communities they serve, and improve the lives of the people who use them. We commit to every design problem with curiosity, invention, and a generous spirit to uncover hidden opportunity. It is by embracing the constraints that push us to innovate that we create sustainable, meaningful spaces.

As a real estate brokerage firm specialized in the sale of new condos, McGill Real Estate is the leader and an expert in the sales and marketing of condos in Montreal.

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